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The Hurdy-Gurdy by Ugears - wooden 3-D puzzle

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VENDOR: Ugears


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The Hurdy-Gurdy by Ugears: Wooden 3D puzzle and Musical Instrument


  • no glue connection - assembling without glue and chemicals
  • self assembly - details are already cut and ready to assemble
  • mechanical - the model produces motion
  • educational - perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning

    Inspired by the art of Celtic and Scandinavian medieval craftsmen, as translated through intelligent 21st century engineering, Ugears is proud to introduce the Hurdy-Gurdy—the world’s first (as far as we know!) mechanical model for self-assembly that is also a musical instrument. This extraordinary mechanical model kit is truly one of the gems of the catalogue.

    This isn't just a toy, it's a full-fledged musical instrument that you build yourself. The Hurdy-Gurdy has a sound that's perfect for folk melodies or dancing, bringing medieval times into the present day. When you purchase the Hurdy-Gurdy you will experience a unique combination: the fun and challenge of building, the appreciation of outstanding engineering and design, and the joy of music.

    Feel like a modern-day Stradivari as you show your friends an instrument you created with your own hands, then start practicing so you can play popular tunes on your Hurdy-Gurdy!

    Assembling your Hurdy-Gurdy

    The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy comes with everything needed for assembly. All pieces are pre-cut into high-quality plywood boards, and are easily removed for assembly, following the detailed instructions provided. The only non-wooden parts are the two strings that rub against the crank-powered wheel, and the rosin used to wax it (included). Estimated assembly time for the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy is 4-5 hours (less time for experienced builders). The Hurdy-Gurdy assembles without glue or special tools.

    Tuning your Hurdy-Gurdy

    The model has a melody string for playing melodies and a bourdon string for the drone. There are six keys corresponding to six notes that can be played by pushing the key while rotating the crank. Fully releasing the keys provides an additional seventh note. The second (bourdon or drone) string is tuned in unison with the melody string or in any melodic interval (fourth, fifth, octave) desired. The construction kit includes pieces of rosin to wax the wheel and improve the sound.

    Playing your Hurdy-Gurdy

    The Hardy-Gurdy by Ugears is a full-fledged musical instrument. It’s great for playing folk tunes or dance melodies, from Elizabethan to modern. To start the music flowing, the player just needs to crank the handle with one hand to commence a drone sound from the bourdon and melody strings. Pressing the wooden keys with the fingers of the other hand changes the pitch of the melody string. We've even included some sheet music with the kit to get newbies off to a flying start!


    • Model Size: 15.7*6.5*8.7 in (40*16.5*22 cm)
    • Package size: 14.9*6.7*2 in (37.8*17*5 cm)
    • Number of components: 292
    • Estimated time of assembly: 4-5 hours


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